Leisure Recreation and the Arts

Typical leisure activities for Uzbeks include walking in parks, attending concerts of popular and traditional music and dance, watching television, and feasting with friends and relatives. Young urban Uzbeks also go to clubs and dance, though many Uzbek families see this as improper for unmarried girls. Young men play soccer (football) and basketball and attend games; in rural areas they may also participate in buzkashi, a horse-mounted chase. Many young women play volleyball, and some do martial arts. It is far more common for men than for women to pursue sport. In the arts, women and men thrive in music; popular music videos feature men and women as singers and dancers. Uzbekistan's film industry declined with the end of the Soviet Union, but state-supported television provides work for many performers and journalists, both men and women. Television shows demonstrating proper manners are frequently shown, as are dubbed foreign soap operas. Thus television becomes a transmitter for contradictory values; Uzbek women, in particular, are instructed to adhere to Uzbek norms of social and sexual conduct, while foreign soap operas and music videos show men and women with little sexual inhibition.

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Soccer Fitness 101

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