Leisure Recreation and the Arts

The Yanomami are a leisure-intensive culture. Work is seldom considered to be arduous and laziness is morally accepted. For both genders, achievement of economic activities fills people with pride and satisfaction. While most work is done in the mornings, the afternoons and the long evenings are generally spent with the closest family members, with friends from the neighborhood, or with visitors. In the afternoons men frequently gather communally, take the epena snuff-drug, and engage in shamanic activities like singing, dancing, and telling myths. Women do not engage in spiritual activity as a form of socializing. Rather, they socialize informally, talking and exchanging news when they visit each other.

Handicrafts are made by both genders; men prepare weapons and lead in the construction of buildings. Artistic expression involves decorating artifacts like baskets, quivers, or arrows, or in adorning the bodies with fibers, cotton, or vegetable dye, which is also done by both genders.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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