Leisure Recreation and the Arts

Men and women do not have much leisure time. Even during fiestas, which are major social events that are greatly enjoyed, there is often still much to do unless one is visiting another community's fiesta with one's family. Males do play sports, including baseball, fútbol (soccer), basketball, and volleyball.

It is important to emphasize that Maya families spend a significant amount of time together. Working, eating, and reclining in hammocks, is almost always accompanied by talking and laughter. Both males and females spend significant time conversing, telling stories, and gossiping, so the work-leisure dichotomy familiar in Western culture is often difficult to see. Speaking eloquently is probably the most easily visible cultural art form, with speakers using sophisticated metaphors and playing with subtle differences in meaning as the basis of jokes, the colorful telling of stories, or to make one's points in the teaching of an important lesson. This kind of medium is one of the basic essences of Maya culture, and both genders, young and old, are encouraged to engage extensively in tz'íikbal, conversation. Indeed, an ability to speak well enables people of either gender to gain great prestige.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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