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If there is an area of life where men do exert control over women, it is that of movement outside the home and "free time." While men can spend their leisure time talking with friends (other men) at coffee shops, or on hunting or fishing expeditions, women tend to need to legitimate their activities away from the home. The restriction of women's movement is a phenomenon widely reported in the literature on Greece. When she leaves the house a woman opens herself up to comments by the community on her behavior: where is she going, how is she dressed, is she meeting a lover? (e.g., du Boulay, 1974; Seremetakis, 1991). Thus trips downtown for shopping or to the church on various religious duties are often a chance for married women to find time to socialize with friends, although they are often expected to give an account of their movements when they return home. However, this perspective has been contested and has shifted over the past 15 years, as young women move into new spaces such as the Kafeteria (a non-sex-segregated coffee shop; see Cowan [1991]). Going to the beach is one leisure activity that seems to be respectable and justifiable for women of all ages. Young women often go to the beach in groups unchaperoned by adults, while married women are often accompanied by their children if not their husbands as well. Beach excursions are, from all accounts, a long-standing Kalymnian tradition, although many people remember earlier times (before the 1960s) when men and women were expected to bathe at separate beaches.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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