Leisure Recreation and the Arts

While any judgment about leisure time is somewhat subjective, a formal time allocation analysis

(Scaglion, 1986b) revealed that Abelam of both genders have a reasonable amount of spare time. Basic subsistence is accomplished without undue exertion. Collectively, Abelam average about 3hr a day gardening and 1hr hunting. They sleep an average of 9hr 24min per day. Males spend about 10.4% of their time idle, compared with 9.5% for females; women spend about 6.0% of their time visiting compared with 4.5% for men. Much leisure time is spent in the company of persons of the same gender because of gender segregation during the workday. Both genders like to gossip, chat, and tell stories. Men often discuss politics, yam growing, and ritual matters. Personal relationships are more frequently the topics of conversation for women. Much visiting and socializing takes place after dark, when possibilities for economic activities are more limited, and people come together in both mixed and same gender groupings. Abelam do not normally engage in "games" for recreation.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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