Leisure Recreation and the Arts

The yearly round of farming tasks occupies the time and energy of each household member and leaves little time for leisure or recreation, especially for the ideal warmi k'apawa, the hardworking woman. When people gather to relax and eat together, it is often as members of work parties. Some of these work groups, such as a threshing team, might be exclusively male, but other tasks such as harvesting or sorting potatoes could include both genders. Similarly, fiestas and the earth-paying that accompany them are attended by both genders. Both men and women dance at fiestas, but dancers are grouped together by gender more than they are arranged as individual dancing couples. Music-making is a male leisure pursuit that women rarely engage in except as singers. Festive occasions are a time to relax and talk, laugh, and eat together, but women are kept busier with cooking and have less real leisure than men.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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