Liberal Feminist Critique

In 1970, agricultural economist Ester Boserup laid out the first liberal feminist critique of such assumptions, suggesting that women who were the clients of development programs often lost control they previously had. Boserup (1970, p. 53) noted:

... in the course of agricultural development, men's labor productivity tends to increase while women's remains more or less static. The corollary of the relative decline in women's labor productivity is a decline in the relative status within agriculture, and, as a further result, women will want either to abandon cultivation and retire to domestic life, or leave for the town.

Awareness of this unexpected effect of development upon women has prompted more recent schools of thought to incorporate the views of liberal feminism into their analysis of development and its affects on women. Although this is helpful, this perspective remains firmly rooted in the assumptions of "modernization" theory: modernity and economic development, defined as greater participation in the global market, are seen as a positive goal. The difference is that women as well as men should benefit directly. Though it may not be explicit, a Western bias remains (B. Rogers, 1980).

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