Taiwanese Americans prefer to live in quiet secure neighborhoods of suburbs or urbanized counties surrounding large cities, rather than settle in urban centers or small cities in rural areas of the United States. As a group, their settlement patterns are dispersed rather than clustered (Avenarius, 2003). The highest concentration and largest number of Taiwanese Americans in the United States can be found in the large metropolitan areas surrounding San Francisco (B. Wong, 1998) and Los Angeles (Fong, 1994; Horton, 1995; Tseng, 1995) in California. Immigrants are attracted by the mild climate, the availability of houses in newly built subdivisions, the large number of other immigrants in the area, the multiethnic society in general, and easier travel to Taiwan. In the earlier phases of immigration from Taiwan, areas of urban sprawl in the vicinity of New York City were the preferred place of residence and continue to be home to many Taiwanese Americans (Chen, 1992; Kwong, 1987). However, they have also settled in substantial numbers in the metropolitan areas surrounding Atlanta in Georgia (Zhao, 2002), Houston and Dallas in Texas, Washington, DC, and Seattle, Washington. In addition, immigrants from Taiwan have moved to Canada and many countries of South America.

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