The territory of the entire ethnic group of the Yanomami people comprises the southeast of the federal state of Amazonas in Venezuela and the neighboring federal states of Amazonas and Roraima in Brazil. The Yanomami region, which has an area of approximately 190,000 km2, is situated west of the Guiana (Guyana) Shield between latitude 5°N and the equator and between longitude 61°W and 67°W. Except for some savanna areas in the north the terrain is mainly tropical rainforest. The linguistic subgroups are as follows: (1) the Yanoam and their subdivision Ninam who live in the northeast and the east; (2) the Sanema (also known as the Sanuma, Sanima, or Sanima) in the north; (3) the Yanomam, who live to the east of the national border as well as on the slopes of the Sierra Parima mountain range; (4) the central Yanomami (the Yanomami or Yanomamo) who live in the center and in the west and south. The last of these groups, particularly the villages near the Upper Orinoco which belong to the Patanowetheri group, are the subject of this article.

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