Kiriwina, Kaileuna, Kitava, Vakuta, and a number of smaller islands are part of the Trobriand group and share culture and, with dialect differences, language. They are situated in the Solomon Sea, north of the eastern trip of Papua New Guinea and form part of Milne Bay Province with Alotau as capital. The government and police station are in Losuia (151°05' E and 8°33' S) on Kiriwina, where there is also a small wharf for coastal ships, the Kiriwina Subdistrict Hospital (headed by a health extension officer), the Kiriwina High School, the headquarters of the Protestant Church, a few main shops, and a local market. A large airstrip, built by the American army in the World War II, is located approximately 5 km north of Losuia, and there are several flights a week to and from Port Moresby and Alotau. A deteriorating unsealed road, another legacy of World War II, leads from the southern to the northern end of Kiriwina and other dirt roads connect many villages to this north-south axis. An estimated total of 40 cars are used to transport people and goods. Many more outboard-powered dinghies are owned by men in the coastal villages. Small ships offer passage to Alotau and other ports in Milne Bay Province.

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