The Yap group, classified as continental islands, consists of four large and six small islands located in the Western Pacific as part of the Western Caroline Islands, Micronesia. More specifically, it is situated approximately 6,651 km west of San Francisco, 1,850 km southeast of Manila, 1,450 km north of New Guinea, and 870 km southeast of Guam. By most standards, Yap would appear to be a very isolated place, but in fact it is little more than an hour away by jet service from Guam International Airport.

Yap is comprised of the individual large islands of Yap, Gagil-Tamil, Maap, and Rumung, as well as several smaller uninhabited islets with a total land area of 95 km2. The land area is surrounded by a fringing reef with seven natural channels, which forms a wide reef flat. Most of the shoreline is bordered by a thick mangrove swamp with occasional breaks of sandy beaches.

Yap's climate is tropical, with high temperatures and humidity offset by cool sea breezes. In relative terms, there are two seasons: rainy and dry. The average yearly rainfall is 307 cm, with 170 cm falling in the rainy season from June through October. The average daily temperature is 27.2°C, and seldom the temperature seldom falls below 21°C or rises above 33°C. Typhoons are mostly seasonal problems; most form in the months from June to December.

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