Middle Age and Old Age

There are no universal rites marking passage to elderhood for men and women in Igboland, though many kinds of social ceremonies are related to aging. Generally, only senior men are given chiefly titles, for example, and in Igbo societies that have male age sets, the transition in age sets is a kind of marker of seniority. As mentioned above, aging seems to mitigate and even reverse some of the most dramatic differences in behavior associated with gender—such that, for example, older women become more like men in their outspokenness and irreverence, and older men become more like women in their capacity to mediate and act empathetically. Perhaps most important with regard to aging and gender is that both men and women gain increasing respect in a society that honors seniority. Yet in contemporary Igboland, where young people often question, challenge, and resist tradition, the exalted place of the elderly seems to be eroding.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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