Middle Age and Old Age

Age ranking is an important feature of Ifugao culture. Therefore, with middle age comes increased respect and responsibility for both men and women. Men, more than women, are expected to contribute to community leadership, though women contribute to this as well.

Middle-aged adults must care for their elderly parents. Many older women and men must work, or choose to work, as long as they are physically capable of doing so, regardless of their social class position. Many elderly women suffer from severe osteoporosis, which results in their being bent almost horizontally. Yet, even many of these women continue to engage in agricultural labor (Hewner, 2001). Older women, more so than older men, care for their grandchildren while the children's parents are working. For poor widows, middle and old age can entail greater respect, but also a period of increased poverty, since women generally earn lower wages than men.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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