For young men in combat, their mothers can symbolize a nurturing feminine sphere that contrasts with war. It is their mothers that dying soldiers most often call out for on the battlefield. In addition to their actual mothers, soldiers use mother-like figures in similar ways—nurses, sweethearts, and wives (Goldstein, 2001, pp. 309-312).

In theory, since mothers control child care, they could change gender norms, training girls to be aggressive and boys to be passive. But in fact mothers worldwide generally reward boys for being tough and girls for being nice. They raise warriors. Harris (1974, pp. 85-87) argues that although women could subdue their sons, they cannot control their enemies' sons: "As soon as males... bear the burden of intergroup conflict, women have no choice but to rear large numbers of fierce males of their own."

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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