Nurture Based Explanations

Nurture-based explanations of sex differences focus on the contention that situation is more formative of personality and emotion than disposition. With the exception of behaviorism, psychology came late to such explanations (e.g., Heider, 1958, p. 297). Students of personality such as Mischel (1973, p. 162) suggested that personality does not exist purely as a disposition and that it cannot be defined without situational referents. The situational viewpoint implies that there may be as many differences between one individual's personality from one situation to the next as there are differences between people. The power of schemas or roles (e.g., Tenenbaum & Leaper, 2002) and the presence of cultural, regional, and historical differences, such as the ones mentioned in various examples above, all suggest that nurture is an important determinant of sex differences. Tenenbaum and Leaper (2002) illustrated the manner in which gender schemas held by parents influenced their children's manner of thinking about gender. This suggests that there are cultural mechanisms in place that promote thinking in terms of sex differences.

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