Becoming frail and dependent marks the transition into old age, a difficult period in the life-course of women even in postindustrial societies (see Albert [2002] for a cross-cultural perspective). However, unlike aged men, even frail women still have the ability to contribute to the household by doing light domestic chores. In the tradition of Simmons' (1945) pioneering cross-cultural study of aging, Counts and Counts (1985) provide an overview of the contrasts in the lives of aged men and women among Pacific societies, stressing the continuing importance of the parental role for aging women. In West Bengal (Lamb, 2000), the care adult children provide for the frail incontinent parent is viewed as a repayment for the nurture once received in infancy and childhood; yet it is believed that the "moral debt" can never be fully repaid by the younger generation. On the other hand, in some societies the decrepit elderly are subjected to "death hastening behavior" (Glasscock, 1983).

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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