Other Cross Sex Relationships

Relationships between brothers and sisters are among the most important cross-sex relationships in Tswana society. The formation of familial support linkages is important for siblings as well as for their children and successive generations. A brother is obliged to look after his sister's welfare and is theoretically entitled to her marriage payment should he need to support her financially (Griffiths, 1997, p. 43). In turn, he is theoretically also responsible for the welfare of her children and may offer them support throughout their lives. The relationship of a man with his sister and her children is such a significant one that one hears the expression "a man and his mother's brother (malome) never fight" (Griffiths, 1997, p. 43; Schapera, 1938). This expression reflects the social significance placed upon the supportive relationship that is assumed between siblings of the opposite sex throughout the life course. In a similar manner, the relationship between a woman and her uterine nephew was another important cross-sex relationship where the nephew would be considered an important and honored individual in the family and exchanges of services and even property could occur.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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