Other Cross Sex Relationships

Cross-sex relationships within kin groups are common and often highly affectionate. These relationships are not (or are at least rarely) sexual, but warm relationships between opposite-sex relatives of various sorts are extremely pervasive. While opposite-sex sibling relationships are sometimes competitive, by and large brothers and sisters (especially of the same mother) are close, and these relationships endure over a lifetime. As adults, siblings remain interested in and protective of each other and each other's children. In addition, cross-sex relationships between various assortments of cousins, uncles/ nieces, and aunts/nephews can be extremely affectionate and are frequently characterized by some degree of sexual allusion or joking (most often on the part of the older member of the cross-sex pair and in contexts where actual sexual relations are least likely—e.g., between adult and child). The warmth that characterizes these intrakin cross-sex relationships is clearly a source of great joy and accounts, in part, for the affective attachment that Igbos feel for their kinship networks.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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