Other Cross Sex Relationships

The closest and deepest cross-sex relationship is that between sisters and brothers. Sisters are considered sacred by their consanguinal relatives, and their brothers ardently express this. Sisters are worshipped as goddesses during the fall harvest festival, and at other religious times in devout families. In return for sacred tributes such as clothing and money, sisters confer longevity and prosperity on their brothers. Brothers are expected to take care of their sisters until their marriage, and even after, if necessary.

A unique cross-sex relationship widely accepted is that between an older married woman and her husband's younger brother. The latter sometimes considers her to be like another mother, as she may show him love and kindness, and fulfill his needs for afternoon tea or a sweet snack. People comment that this friendship is often more affectionate than between wife and husband, and may hint at more than just friendship. Young men are happy when their older brothers marry, for they can expect to find a female companion in the new sister-in-law. The Nepalis do not discourage this friendship for they trust that a younger brother would not damage his relationship with his older brother, who has more power than him. The Nepalis also recognize a woman's need for an ally in the family (Cameron, 1998).

Opposite to this affectionate relationship is one of complete avoidance between an affinal woman and her older brother-in-law and all other older male relatives. They should not speak with each other unless necessary, and should tenaciously avoid any contact physically or emotionally. Affinal women demonstrate their avoidance respect for elder males by covering their heads and faces while in their presence, and leaving their presence altogether if possible.

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