Other Cross Sex Relationships

In addition to husband-wife and parent-child, brother-sister is another significant cross-sex relationship and an integral part of the relationships among siblings and their spouses. The common practice of village endogamy, together with the principle of gender unity underlying the bilateral kinship system, provide the structural basis for the perpetuation of strong sibling ties throughout the life course (Du, 2002). Particularly, marriages reinforce, rather than weaken, the brother-sister bond by incorporating siblings and their spouses into the core relatives who are expected to engage in the most intensive inter-household reciprocity. Ideally, the principle of generalized reciprocity guides the economic interactions between the households coheaded by siblings and siblings-in-law, especially in labor cooperation and coping with food shortage. Such households are also expected to engage in the most intense forms of ritual reciprocity.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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