Other Cross Sex Relationships

Because of the nature of Na households, there can be many other significant male-female relationships between Na. Brothers and sisters (as well as cousins in larger households) grow up together. Grown siblings who reside together spend much time together, eat meals together, consult each other on projects, and work together. Uncles and great-uncles are involved in the care of the younger generations, as are aunts and great-aunts. Because of this, strong affective relationships may develop between uncles and nieces (or nephews) and aunts and nephews (or nieces). It is not uncommon that when households divided because they were becoming too large, generally a woman starts a new household with several children. She may bring nieces and nephews, and might leave some of her children behind. As described above, adults (and children) in a household share in child-care, and some Na report feeling more affection for an aunt or uncle than for their mothers.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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