Other Cross Sex Relationships

Brothers and sisters ideally should transmit their great names, ceremonial inheritances, and knowledge to their siblings' offspring of the same sex. This entails continuous mutual obligations between siblings throughout their life. Although males leave their homes to be initiated into the men's house, they maintain an interest in the affairs of their sisters and may end up returning to their natal house, particularly in the case of divorce or death of their spouse.

A person should joke with the spouse of a same-sex formal friend toward while showing the latter formality and avoidance. The public joking generally focuses on ribald commentary on sexual comportment.

The relationship between an in-marrying husband and his mother-in-law carries a great deal of formality. While she may address him directly, he must channel any thoughts through his wife, avoid looking directly at her, being alone with her, etc.

Males have more opportunity to interact with their mothers, aunts, and grandmothers (kwatyj) than girls do with their fathers, uncles, and grandfathers. This is because men are absent from home more during childhood when the lives of both girls and boys center around their residence. Consequently, men will cite what they have learned from their mothers (M, MZ) and kwatyj (FZ, MM, FM, MBW), in addition to their fathers (F, FB) and ngeti (MB, MF, FF, MBS), while women cite knowledge, such as medicines, they have learned from their husband.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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