Other Cross Sex Relationships

The brother-sister relation is the most important cross-sex relationship in Samoan culture. Remember that in the Samoan kinship system, all cousins, no matter how distant, are brothers and sisters. A sister is her brothers' honor; a brother is his sisters' mainstay and protector. While there was no word for marriage in pre-Christian Samoan, there was a word for the brother-sister relation, feagaiga. The term refers not only to the brother-sister bond, but also to a bond that may be established between their descendants. (It is also applied to the bond between talking chiefs and high chiefs.) Parties to a feagaiga are regarded as two complementary sides of a larger whole. Samoans not only abhor actual incest between categorical brothers and sisters, but any hint of sexuality when both are present. Crossing this line impugns the name of a family and is likely to ignite conflict. In old Samoa, incest between a brother and sister was believed to result in miscarriage. Miscarriages were called "blood clots"; many spirits were believed to be born as blood clots.

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