Other Cross Sex Relationships

Cross-sex friendships are common in urban areas. When a young woman and man go out together (e.g., to eat, shop, or see a movie), romantic love and courtship are not necessarily involved. Even when a woman invites a man friend to her home, no sexual intent is assumed. In other words, single women and men develop cross-sex friendships quite casually. However, married urbanites are cautious about such relationships, fearing that gossip might jeopardize their marriages.

Dyadic cross-sex relationships are less common in the rural area. Rather, young women and men tend to form friendship groups that cross gender. In general, however, when young men and women of marriageable age start dating, their relationship soon becomes a courtship rather than a friendship. Given the constraints associated with life in small bounded rural communities, cross-sex relations among married people are rare.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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