Parental and Other Caretaker Roles

The women tended to their children with the assistance of their extended families, which included mothers with children as well as older women. Child-rearing was a task shared with other Cherokee women. Cherokee children went to tend the fields with their mothers and if the child was old enough he or she helped with infants bound to cradleboards. Cherokees did not use physical punishment with disobedient children except a light scratching with thorns. Instead naughty children were shamed into good behavior by teasing (Perdue, 1989).

Civilization policies of the United States encouraged isolated nuclear families to replace extended kin groups and close-knit villages. The result was severed ties to the mother's brother and extended family that traditionally provided for divorced spouses and their children. Some of these children ended up in missionary schools.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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