In all senses except vision, women appear to have greater sensitivity than men. Women have a greater sensitivity to the four tastes (sweet, sour, bitter, salt) than men (Velle, 1987), and have a lower threshold for hearing pure tones (McGuinness, 1972). Women have slightly larger peripheral visual fields than men (Burg, 1966). In studies done in Western developed nations, men have a clearer perception of true vertical and horizontal (Witkin, 1967) and are less susceptible than women to perceptual illusions like the equal-length line with arrowheads at each end (pointing "in" versus "out") (Dewar, 1967). Depth perception also appears more precise in men.

Many of the visual perception differences contribute to sex differences in spatial abilities. Cross-cultural data (Berry, 1976) suggest that, while the sexes tend to differ, the degree of sexual difference varies with subsistence mode and acculturation across cultures.

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