Personality Differences by Gender

Sociability is highly valued by Abaluyia, and both men and women are highly sociable, talkative among friends, and happy to welcome visitors in their homes. Most Abaluyia are soft-spoken and polite. Good manners are valued; speaking loudly and getting angry are not. However, boys and men are more independent and authoritative, more likely to be aggressive or express anger, while girls and young women are usually self-effacing and shy, very deferential to men, especially certain categories of men such as fathers-in-law, and to older higher-status females. Older women are likely to stand straight, look people in the eye, and speak firmly even to men—thus behaving like a man, a socially acceptable shift in behavior. For everyone, emotional restraint is characteristic, though women tend to be more emotionally expressive and far more nurturing than men.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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