Personality Differences by Gender

Certain personality traits are attributed to men, and others to women. In general, men are thought to be practical, and women emotional. Men are said to act with their heads, and women with their hearts. Men are valued as leaders and thinkers, and women as nurturers. Men are expected to be the main breadwinners and decision-makers in their families, while women are often assigned a dependent role. All these expectations are stereotypes that often do not describe reality.

Women are perceived as too skittish to drive a car, and most women in Ukraine do not have a driver's license. Nowadays more and more women drive cars, but they are often the butt of sexist jokes about "women drivers."

Gender-role expectations affect spheres of work considered appropriate for men and women (discussed below). Men and women in the same profession are often seen to possess different personality traits. Men and women politicians, for example, are valued for contrasting personality traits. Men politicians are respected for their logic, organizational skills, abilities to lead, and strong will. Women politicians are respected for their honesty, kindness, and sense of responsibility (Sknar, 2001).

Despite stereotypes of women as emotional and dependent, in the context of the post-Soviet economic and social crisis in Ukraine, in many ways women seem to cope better than men. Women exhibit less criminality, drink less, and live longer than men (Bohachevsky-Chomiak, 2000). Women express more interest in stability, and they have made the lion's share of efforts to stop up the gaps of the country's troubled welfare system by organizing charitable organizations to assist dispossessed citizens.

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