Personality Differences by Gender

Both men and women among the Manjako are generally outspoken and assertive. They are quick to argue and express opinions. Men are expected to command, and women to obey their husbands. Both can be quick to anger, and yelling matches are not uncommon. When young, both boys and (more rarely) girls get into fights. When this happens, it is treated as a wrestling match. Onlookers surround the pair, keep them from hurting themselves, and allow them to continue until there is a victor.

Men and women both appreciate alcoholic beverages: palm wine, cana (a locally made rum), store-bought liquor such as whiskey and vodka, and, as a last resort, cashew "wine"; in fact, at ceremonies all present, including men, women, boys, and girls, are required to partake of at least a symbolic amount of the offered alcoholic beverage. Men regularly drink in public, and a man staggering home drunk is a relatively common sight. However, it does not seem proper for a woman to become drunk in public. Groups of women often gather inside houses or courtyards, especially at times of ceremonial events, and "pass the bottle," but rarely become inebriated.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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