Personality Differences by Gender

Such differences are not in evidence in Kalymnos to the same degree as reported for more patrilineal/patriarchal areas of Greece, where men are expected to be aggressive, to "perform their masculinity," and women are expected to be modest, reticent, and deferential (Campbell, 1964; du Boulay, 1974; Herzfeld, 1985, 1991). Women's words are not seen as a threat to the matrilocal group in the way that they would be in patrilocal situations, where women at marriage are outsiders who must prove their loyalty to the group (Hirschon, 1978). Thus women are voluble and "hold the floor" with men on a panoply of topics from sex to politics. Kalymnian women are considered to be "hard" like men, and are proud of their ability to perform hard labor and, in extraordinary circumstances, of their martial prowess (see below and Sutton, 1999).

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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