Personality Differences by Gender

No serious culture and personality studies have been carried out among the Kuna. As a matter of gender stereotypes, men say that women are in general unruly, argumentative, and prone to gossip and quarreling—a male accused of lying or spreading stories may be berated for not acting like a Kuna man (Dule machered) (Howe, 1986, p. 231). Women are expected to express emotion, especially during puberty ceremonies and wailing for the dead (Howe & Hirschfeld, 1981). Men, in contrast, are supposed to mourn with stoic reserve and, in the case of political leaders, to maintain a mask of restrained calm in public situations. According to Sherzer (1987, p. 103), "differences between Kuna men's and women's speech are relatively slight" in everyday conversation, though men perform several genres of ceremonial discourse generally closed to women.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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