Personality Differences by Gender

Hopis of both genders are supposed to be even tempered, hospitable, and good-natured, for "bad thoughts"— sorrow, anger, jealousy, despondency, greed—put one's inner being out of balance and can shorten life. High value is placed on humility, and Hopis are not being disingenuous when they claim that they are only humble persons when they are clearly people of note in the community. Competitiveness is only approved in certain situations, such as when groups of kachina dancers compete to put on the best performance.

Even though women and men are expected to behave in more or less the same way, I was often struck by how direct and politely assertive many Hopi women were and how mild and unassuming many Hopi men were. Men sometimes complain that women always get their way, and women are certainly not deferential to men. Women seem to be well aware of their centrality in the home and clan.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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