Personality Differences by Gender

When asked to describe themselves, Na say that they are hospitable and honest. Men are valued for courage, cooperation, and, among younger members as well as some elders, admired for boldness. Women are valued for competence and skill in management. Na believe that household harmony stems from a combination of respecting others, a sense of one's place and responsibilities, and allowing others in the household to act independently. Both sexes should be able to get along well with other members of the household. Both Na men and women are sociable and expressive, and social ease and the abilities to joke and engage in verbal parry are admired in both. Kindness is valued in both men and women, as is a sense of propriety and respect for elders. Mischievousness is perhaps admired more in boys than in girls; however, girls are also expected to be independent and bold. To the observer, girls do not seem less mischievous, but rather more responsible.

Members of other ethnic groups (such as Han, Naxi, or Yi) living in or traveling through Na areas often describe Na women as very capable. Outsiders may also comment on how free and independent Na women appear to be. Na women are relatively comfortable traveling alone or in small groups, staying out of doors, and interacting with strangers.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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