Personality Differences by Gender

Males and females are expected to behave differently all their lives, with the young being encouraged into the appropriate behavior from an early age. The difference in behavior is very clear to the outside observer. Women are quiet and respectful in the presence of men. Their body language is humble and self-effacing, they do not speak out in public, and they are obedient to male wishes, even those of young males. Men, on the other hand, are expected to be dignified, knowledgeable, good at oratory, and in control. Chiefs and men of chiefly families should be exemplars in these respects.

Obviously there are differences in behavior depending on context. There is joking familiarity between brothers and between a boy and his mother's brother, while a boy must show great respect to his father and even more so to his chief. When the men are away night fishing, groups of women may behave noisily, mocking male behavior and indulging in talk full of sexual innuendo, but the moment that the males return the women become quiet and respectful again.

Body Language Magic

Body Language Magic

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