Personality Differences by Gender

The Chinese believe that the difference between men and women is a byproduct of biological and cultural forces. Masculine attributes are rough (culu), crude language (maren hud), "absent mindness" (madaha), self-confident (zixin), serious (yansu), adventurous (furou jishen), clever (congming), easy-going (madaha), quiet (anjing), aggressive (haoshun xinsheng), hide emotion (han shu), strong

(shang zhuang), and ambitious (for a promotion) (you ye xinde).

Feminine attributes are pretty (piaoliang), soft voice (rou sheng), not very strong (rou wo), gossip (chuan xian hua), dress well (daban), timid (paixu), use polite language (limaohua), gentle (wen rou), anxious (danshide), sentimental (you yu), slim figure (miaotiao), incline to make a fuss out of nothing (cheng suifu), and cannot do hard work (taizhaoqi).

The sum of women's images for an ideal husband (hao zhangfu) were as follows: a man who is tall (over 1.6 m), healthy, handsome, strong, intelligent, brave, well-mannered, and kind; a man who has status and could provide for a family. In the late 1990s, more in response to the forces of globalization, another trait was added: the absence of a double eyelid fold. The sum of men's images for an ideal wife (hao qizi) were as follows: a woman who is beautiful, tall, healthy, soft, kind, well-mannered, loyal, and virtuous; a woman who is skilled in domestic crafts (e.g., sewing, cooking, etc.) and can take care of children.

Whenever men and women engage in casual flirtations the gender traits are dramatized and exaggerated, and they strive to present an image that the opposite sex finds most attractive. Outside the sexual context (in their interactions with siblings, parents, classmates, and the public at large), men and women are more prone to assert non-gender-relevant traits. It is in these contexts that women do not, nor are they expected to, act timid, passive, mild, or coy; likewise, men are not expected always to appear confident, ambitious, and work-oriented. The central difficulty for individuals, of course, is living in social settings that are devoid of the other gender's participation.

An enjoyable activity for young Chinese men is to rank a woman's relative physical beauty. The sexual delight that men take in being aroused visually often leads them to buy pornography or, sometimes, make their own. The male's ability to become sexually aroused by visual stimuli can often result in extremely inappropriate social behavior. The male preference for beauty also affects the pace and growth of their involvement. Chinese men, like American men, fall in love quicker than women.

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