Personality Differences by Gender

Most Czechs see gender differences as rooted in biological differences between men and women (Holy, 1996, p. 175). Males in general are expected to be more assertive, less "emotional" (more level-headed, less likely to cry, more logical), firmer in their opinions, and more ready to assume leadership. (Strong assertiveness is not highly valued for either sex, and putting oneself forward or boasting is frowned upon in both men and women.) Open physical violence is much less common among Czechs than among their eastern or southern neighbors, but physical aggression is more common among men than women. Czechs of both sexes spend much time discussing and analyzing "feelings" or the emotional component of intimate relationships.

Women are expected to be more nurturing than men and are expected to defer to men. Many Czech males complain that Czech women are too dominant and aggressive; this is not immediately apparent to non-Czech observers.

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