Personality Differences by Gender

Men and women in Kyrgyz society are in many ways far more interdependent in their behaviors than many other Central Asian groups. In part, their nomadic heritage allowed for a much more egalitarian division of roles. While men took the herds to the higher pastures, women were in charge of the home front. As a result, this legacy still permeates domestic arrangements among the Kyrgyz. Women are recognized to be in charge of all issues related to the home and family. This is not just care giving behaviors but also decision-making behaviors. Both Kyrgyz men and women tend to be highly nurturing of their children, which reflects the overall value of children in the society. A young child is readily cared for by his or her father (or grandfather), as much as by his or her mother. Although there are many customary practices that favor male dominance in the society, there is a general mythology that the Kyrgyz share, that at one time the Kyrgyz were a matriarchal tribe, where women had equal or greater power than men. Reflecting this belief system is the general mild manner of the men and the strong presence of capable women. Sometimes stereotypes are communicated that Kyrgyz women are hardworking and Kyrgyz men are lazy. Historically speaking, the Kyrgyz have been significantly influenced by the Soviet egalitarian gender ideals, as well as by the more Islamic gender ideals of powerful men and cloistered women.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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