Personality Differences by Gender

Men alone are privileged to speak formally and publicly. Tukanoans place extreme value on speaking skill and rhetorical abilities. Women neither have authority to speak for a group nor are they considered to have the capacity of producing "correct" and clear thought and speech. Men distinguish between the eloquent decorous speech of men and what they regard as the undisciplined chatter of women. Men are expected to engage in dominant and highly visible speech activities, while women are expected to remain quiet and to attend to the children. The greatest opportunities for women to express themselves are on the occasions of exchange ceremonies. Then, women chant spontaneous songs among themselves. In these songs they share personal details of their lives (Chernela, 1988a).

Eastern Tukanoan men view women as divisive and chaotic influences, especially through their uncontrolled critical gossip. Although in-marrying wives form bonds with each other, numerous factors limit their impact as a formal cohesive political power. For most women, input into village-level politics takes the form of gossip and other informal social criticism (Chernela, 1993, 1997).

When a child misbehaves, it is the mother who is assumed to be at fault. However, it may be another woman—the mother-in-law—who is the first to reprimand her son's wife. Both men and women enjoy joking and teasing. There is greater latitude in what women say as they become older.

Weeping, both spontaneously and performatively, is regarded as appropriate for women but inappropriate for men. The "Welcome of Tears," a departure ritual noted since earliest European visitors to the New World and involving texted weeping, is expected of women in the north of the Amazon basin. The same practice is performed by both sexes in the southern portion of the basin.

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