Personality Differences by Gender

Both sexes have excellent abilities to navigate their way on forays, but males are clearly better at this. Women are very hardworking and hardy. "Hardworking" was the third most often cited trait that men said is important in a wife. Hadza women speak their mind and often have long loud bouts of bickering with other women in camp. Compared with men, they are modest when it comes to sexual matters. Women are very nurturing with their children, but they are also quite willing to pass them off to anyone who will hold them. Men are affectionate to children, and play with them more than women do. Men seem to be slow to anger but when they do become angry, they can quickly kill with poisoned arrow. All murders I am aware of were committed by men, and all were apparently disputes over women.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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