Personality Differences by Gender

Although there are no sharp differences in temperament between men and women, women are thought to be more socially responsible and more involved in the maintenance of relationships with both kin group members and social acquaintances in general. Women are also expected to be more modest in their general appearance and interaction with others than men.

However, while women were traditionally seen as incompetent when it came to achievements outside the home, today both parents and society consider the potential for educational achievement of young women and men to be equal. This creates a conflict for the second generation and the 1.5 generation of Taiwanese American women who find themselves torn between their parents' high expectations for their occupational lives and the cultural expectation of women as self-effacing and understanding caregivers. As a result, they are often chided when they act too aggressively and independently

(Ng, 1998). In terms of individual academic talents, girls are considered to have more verbal skills and boys to have greater mathematical abilities.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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