Personality Differences by Gender

The male initiates relations that lead to marriage or sexual activities. The female is to exhibit no knowledge of sexual matters before marriage, no matter what her private knowledge may be. After marriage she must continue to be uninterested in sexual matters publicly. Men are leaders in political affairs, trading, and village moots. A husband is "heavier" than his wife with regard to legal matters and the trading of agricultural surpluses. While a wife will bow to the leadership of her husband in these matters, during village moots she may sit alongside him and advise and consent on matters concerning their family. Women control the knowledge of rituals for health and fertility. A husband will follow his wife's advice on these matters.

Men are considered to be physically stronger and braver than women. Women are more easily frightened and not able to run as fast. They are more afraid than men over rumors of headhunters, which no longer occur, and of the potentially evil spirits. They will not go to the swid-dens alone and are afraid to come back after dark when there are malignant spirits about. As women grow older their shyness over sexual matters becomes less evident.

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