Personality Differences by Gender

Most characteristic behaviors for each gender are role specific and can change through the life cycle. A playful and highly sociable young girl, for example, may become shy and modest as she approaches puberty, subservient and respectful in the early years of marriage, and increasingly dominant and managerial as she moves up the household's female hierarchy. Such behavioral changes are more characteristic of high-status women than low-status women who work outside the home and reside in more egalitarian households.

High-status boys are expected to be less playful and more mature following their Twice Born ceremony. However, because their bodies are considered invulnerable to impurities, their behavior is subject to fewer constraints. Oriyas and Bengalis compare men's bodies to impenetrable brass jugs and women's to unglazed earthen water jugs. Men, as the dominant sex, are also allowed to express more overt dominance and aggression than women. However, the expectations for each gender are always affected by age.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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