Personality Differences by Gender

Boys are clearly allowed to be more aggressive than girls. I have seen little boys act in ways that only could be called "fierce," while their adult female kin felt proud of such warrior tendencies. "Gleefulness" describes the frequent self-presentation of little boys, while little girls are likely to be coy but charming.

Women are allowed to be less generous or less quick in responding to requests for food. They can be more retentive. They can also be more expressive about complaints, especially against their husbands. In contrast, men are more likely to put up with their wives' complaints, bear up under trying duties, and say less that is negative.

The Canela allow women to be more emotional and individualistic. Their female kin may control them to some extent, while an age-set controls its male members more definitively. It is telling that social pressures almost always forced a man back to his wife, but that no pressures could force a woman to take back a husband she had come to dislike. Women can be more headstrong and stubborn.

Men tend to be more dominant and aggressive, while women are more nurturing and dependent. Nevertheless, women do not go around looking repressed and with subservient attitudes, nor do they lower their gaze for men. They can be straightforward and demanding should the situation call for it.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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