Personality Differences by Gender

There is no doubt that male and female Trobriand Islanders differ not only with regard to their bodies but also to their personalities. Men engage in risk involving exosphere activities like long-distance sea travel and occasional fighting (among other weapons, pointed pieces of iron rod are thrown as rather dangerous projectiles) whereas women engage in activities directed to the endos-phere of the house and the family. However, there is at least one ceremony where these roles are playfully reversed. This happens at the festive launching (kabidoya) of a new masawa boat built for a kula expedition. Girls and women from a village neighboring that where the masawa was made race towards the sea, where the boat is paddled along, and throw coconut husks and other objects at the crew, who eventually counterattack so that there is some physical but always playful fighting on the reef and the beach. This is followed by a meal in the village.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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