Personality Differences by Gender

Nepalis frame sex-role differences in terms of social roles more than personality differences. Still, ideal behaviors for females and males are well known, with some overlap across the sexes that stems from general desirable characteristics of persons. Girls and boys are taught to be self-reliant, strong, and competent, but also respectful of older adults, particularly their parents. Girls learn of their lower social status fairly early, as they experience the preference and privileges given to their male relatives.

They are encouraged to be soft-spoken and reticent, and to trust other women more than men. Boys are encouraged to be proud, almost boastful of their achievements, and to seek help from others in fulfilling their goals. Nepalis are generally friendly and helpful to strangers, and they regard the guest to be an honorable person. Public displays of aggression and other expressions of anger and hostility are discouraged, yet husbands' verbal and physical abuse of wives is not considered irregular until it becomes repeatedly violent. Other emotions that are publicly acceptable for both men and women include sadness and despair, pain and discomfort, and happiness and joy. Coveting others' good fortune is thought a form of flattery, though the fortunate also conceal some forms of prosperity, such as land and beautiful children, as they fear the curses of the less fortunate. Individual personalities may well override cultural stereotypes of gender-based personalities.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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