Personality Differences by Gender

Shi'a Islam, religious leaders, myths, and rituals all teach men to be brave, to be able to support and defend women, children, and dependants, to be wise, just, combative, and devoted to God and religion, to be able to control themselves, and to participate in the public world of religion, politics, and economics. Women, in contrast, are supposedly weak, delicate, emotional, nuturing, unable to be objective and thus to be just, unable to control themselves and resist sexual temptation, and suited by nature to home, household, and ministering to men and children. In actuality, it is often women who hold the household together and manage interpersonal relations.

Little girls usually are more docile, obedient, and shy. Little boys can behave in a more unruly fashion and hit and act aggressively toward others. Little girls stay at home, whereas boys can more easily escape the house and their mothers' control over them. As they grow older girls should become increasingly deferential to males, work hard for their mothers, behave modestly, cast their eyes downward, keep well covered, and keep any needs and wants to themselves (Friedl, 1997). A boy can order mother, sisters, and younger brothers around and be more assertive about his wishes, although required to demonstrate respect to his father and other older family males.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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