Personality Differences by Gender

Aside from roles that are prescribed by gender in Tswana society, such as the woman's role as midwife and male role as traditional healer, there are few cultural assumptions and stereotypes linked to the cultural construction of gender identity. It is often assumed in literature on child maintenance that men are less nurturing in terms of their financial support of children, but it is difficult to then make the assumption that these kinds of behaviors are linked to particular personality differences.

An interesting, albeit under-researched, aspect of the study of perceptions of personality differences by gender can be found in the Tswana cultural stereotypes about mental illness. Mental illness is in and of itself a particularly gendered state as it is described as a condition where the "womb has gone to the head," a condition that links infertility to mental illness. Mental illness is rare, and research on cognitive differences between men and women in Tswana society is relatively sparse. Mental illness is also stigmatized, and it is difficult to obtain actual statistics on how many individuals are institutionalized despite the presence of a large mental hospital in Lobatse.

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