Personhood and Self

Finally, numerous scholars, including many feminist analysts, have looked at the issues of modesty and sexual restraint as part of an individual's sense of personhood and self which is shaped and acculturated by relevant social mores. This approach allows scholars to look at how an individual negotiates and defines his or her sense of self with respect to locally defined Islamic dictates, other local practices and beliefs, and political economic forces. Thus these authors avoid both understanding the practices of modesty and sexual restraint as a simple result of "Islamic beliefs" or locating honor as most relevant to men and shame most significant for women, as the structuralists discussed previously. Rather, honor and shame, when relevant to the lives of women and men, are viewed from multiple perspectives within a society and believed to have a variety of implications and definitions for different social actors. This allows for an understanding of honor, for example, as relevant to the lives of both women and men, although their paths for achieving it may differ (see Abu-Lughod, discussed below). This approach further allows for understanding modesty and sexual restraint as complex practices that are highly symbolic and often pragmatic strategic resources (rather than necessarily restraints) for women and men in a variety of societies.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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