Pre Parenthood

Possibly the most dramatic transition in the lives of women everywhere comes with motherhood, which also involves a transition into grandparenthood for the ascending generation. Nowhere is the birth of a child, and particularly the birth of a first child, unmarked by cultural observances (Davis-Floyd & Georges, 1996; Raphael, 1975). The degree to which a society allows its women to participate in the decision-making concerning their reproductive activities varies cross-culturally (Browner, 2000), as do the customs associated with pregnancy. Food prohibitions are typical among the numerous pregnancy avoidances and taboos that must be observed to assure the well-being of the unborn child (Ayres, 1967). Obeyesekere (1963) noted the importance of food cravings and Fessler (2002) has recently suggested an "adaptionist explanation" for "pregnancy symptoms," suggesting that these food aversions may help the expectant mother to avoid certain pathogens. In addition, there are societies in which the couvade is practiced, where pre- and post-partum observances for the welfare of the baby must be performed by the father (Munroe, Munroe, & Whiting, 1973).

The Sugar Solution

The Sugar Solution

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