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Of about 23 million soldiers in today's uniformed standing armies, about 97% are male (somewhat over 500,000 are women). In only six of the world's nearly 200 states do women make up more than 5% of the armed forces, and most of these women in military forces worldwide occupy traditional women's roles such as typists and nurses. Designated combat forces in the world's state armies today include several million soldiers (the exact number depending on definitions of combat), of whom 99% are male. In U.N. peacekeeping forces, women (mostly nurses) were less than 0.1% in 1957-89 and still under 2% when U.N. peacekeeping peaked in the early 1990s. These disparities persist despite women's having reached historically high levels of social and political power globally, and despite the world's predominant military forces carrying out the largest-scale military gender integration in history, with 200,000 women comprising one-sixth of U.S. forces (Goldstein, 2001, pp. 10-11).

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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